Xianju Yang mei is also known as xianmei. In recent years, xianju yangmei has been awarded the gold medal in various fairs with her excellent quality, and her popularity has increased. In 2001, xianju county was named by the state forestry administration as "the hometown of Yang mei in China". As the origin of Yang mei, its cultivation has a long history. According to the literature, it has been cultivated for more than 1,000 years. The wine has a long history and all the wine is fermented by the high quality xianju dongkui. It is located in the confluence zone of continental climate and oceanic climate, with humid air and large diurnal temperature difference, which provides favorable climatic conditions for the growth of Yang mei. Soil conditions are good, the soil is soft, the drainage is good, is the microacidic soil, most suitable for Yang mei's growth. Yang mei implement green, ecology, standardized production, from production source to staging picking, grading packing, storage preservation, processing, transportation and marketing are in the whole process of the strict quality supervision, establish system of production parameter, guarantee the safe and reliable quality of product quality. Brewing waxberry wine chooses east chief Yang mei Yang mei adopt high quality, but also has a very strict requirements on Yang mei the freshness of the accused, Yang mei whether mature more fragrant waxberry wine production base xiumei pays attention to, a slight deviation will affect the taste of red bayberry wine. Fresh Yang mei is washed and then pressed into Yang mei juice for refrigeration, which ensures the original flavor of Yang mei, and can be preserved for a long time, with a total amount of nearly 3,000 tons.
Yang mei has the effect of quenching thirst and
invigorating the spleen, which not only does not harm
the spleen and stomach, but also has the effect of
detoxifying and eliminating cold. According to the
compendium of materia medica, "Yang mei can
quench thirst, and the five organs, can cleanse the
stomach, and dispense with hate." Yangmei fruit,
nuclear, root, skin can be medicine, sexual, non - toxic.
The core can treat the beriberi, the root can stop the
blood gas; Bark bubble wine can be treated for
damage, red and swollen pain, etc. Yang mei's bark
element also has antioxidant properties, eliminating
free radicals in the body. It is widely used in medicine,
food, health products and cosmetics. The active
ingredient of yangmei leaf has the effect of astringent,
stimulant and emetic, which is used for diarrhea,
yellow gallbladder hepatitis, lymphatic tuberculosis,
and diffuse laryngitis. With baijiu in the summer, in the
middle of summer, the food will feel refreshed and
cool. When diarrhea, Yang mei boil soup to drink can
stop leakage, has the convergence effect. Yang mei has a variety of functions such as digestion, dehumidification,
relieving heat, relieving cough, assisting digestion,
protecting against cold, diarrhea, diuresis, preventing and treating cholera, etc., and has the reputation of "agate of
High-quality waxberry flesh acid content of 0.5% ~ 1.1%, and are rich in fiber, mineral elements, anthocyanins, waxberry, vitamins, and a certain amount of protein, fat, pectin and 8 kinds of amino acids beneficial to human body, calcium, phosphorus, iron content in the fruit to other fruit more than 10 times higher. Nutrient contents in food of every 100 grams of yangmei food: 83.4 92.0 grams, 28 kilocalorie heat moisture, protein 0.8 grams, 0.2 grams fat, carbohydrates, 5.7 grams, 1 gram of dietary fibre, fruit juice, 12-13 grams of sugar content, acid content in 0.5 to 1.8 grams, 10 micrograms of thiamine, riboflavin 50 micrograms, nicotinic acid 0.3 mg, retinol equivalent 92 micrograms, 0.3 micrograms of beta carotene, vitamin A7 micrograms, vitamin, C9 mg vitamin E0.81 mg, 14 mg calcium, magnesium, 10 mg, 1 mg of iron, manganese 0.72 mg, 0.14 mg of zinc, copper 20 micrograms, potassium 149 mg, phosphorus 8 mg, Sodium 0.7mg, selenium 0.31 microgram.
Raw materials and technology
Yangmei medicinal value

Yang mei's nutritional value
Drinking method
Production base
With innovative yangmei wine -
xiumei liuxiang
Inviting you to create
a wealth legend
Xiumei Liuxiang 20 degree Yangmei raw liquor is an innovative series of formulated wine. The raw Myrica wine is based on one / three years old wine with red bayberry fermentation. One / three years old wine is aged with red bayberry distilled wine, and a certain amount of red bayberry juice is added to the wine for more than one year, and the quality of Xianju high quality red bayberry is refined.
A kilo of bayberry wine A minute of sunshine is sweet
Gan Li from the natural source
The freshly picked xianju Yang mei is naturally rich in water and water.
The fragrance of fruit, full sweetness, suitable acidity.
Fragrant plum leaves a bouquet
We never make a second flavoring for a good strawberry.The sweetness and sweetness of taste comes from our constant
pursuit of the quality of Yang mei.
A part of the sun is sweet
In the next 5-10 years, 10 new products have been developed,
with annual sales of 1 billion, and 50 warehousing centers under
the layout line, to realize the taste of the membership service
industry chain, which is the taste of Bayberry.
The cultivation of learning and the more rigorous selection
ensured the consistency of each bottle's fragrance.
The three protoplasmic
Fresh extract from Myrica rubra
Myrica rubra fermented wine
Fresh Yang mei has undergone a special process.To extract the juice directly.
After three years of dry red process, Yang mei's raw juice has been fermented.
Distilled spirits of Bayberry
The fermented liquor of yangmei raw milk is distilled and distilled liquor, and then aged three years.
Three fine brew
Three years dry red process. Distilled white wine for three
years. A year of mixed aging.

Xiumei liuxiang --
Yangmei wine production base
The chief winemaker has been engaged in the study of Yang mei wine in xianju for more than 20 years, and is fully responsible for the quality of products and the development of new products.
It has 4 invention patents and 9 utility model patents. He has been awarded the title of "zhejiang agricultural advanced worker" and national senior winemaker.
Dietotherapy role
Yangmei sweet acid, sexual temperature, non-toxic, return to lung, stomach meridian; It has the effect of relieving thirst, astringent diarrhea, vomiting and diuresis. Used for dizziness caused by overwork and pain in the whole body. Yang mei wine 30~60 grams, morning and evening each take 1 time.
Applicable people
It is suitable for patients with stomachache, irritability, acute
gastroenteritis and dysentery. Suitable for patients with oral
pharyngitis; Suitable for obese people to eat; Suitable for cancer
patients and radiotherapy and chemotherapy; It is suitable for
patients with habitual constipation.
Antibacterial antidiarrheal inflammation
2. plum fresh fruit can and medium eliminate food, shengjin quench thirst, it is the summer dispel summer good quality,
can prevent heat stroke, go to sha, relieve the thirst.
1. Experimental study showed that Yang mei had inhibitory effects on bacteria such as e. coli and dysentery bacillus, which could cure dysentery abdominal pain, and also had good effect on diarrhea. Yang mei is sour and astringent, has the effect of astringent, and it can inhibit the bacteria, so it can also treat various diarrhea. Yang mei's bark contains tannin and yangmei bark, etc. It is also a good product for the treatment of dysentery, blindness, toothache and scabies.
3. yangmei contains a variety of organic acids, the content of vitamin C is also very rich, fresh fruit flavor acid, edible can increase the acidity in the stomach, digest food, stimulate appetite.
4. The cellulose in the pulp of Yang mei can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, which is beneficial to the excretion of harmful substances in the body, and the role of detoxification and beautification. The retinol, anthocyanin and vitamin C contained in Yang mei have good antioxidant function, which can improve immunity, protect against free radicals, prevent aging and inhibit cancer. It is the ideal fruit for weight loss to prevent the conversion of sugar to fat in the body.
Dispel the heat and quench
Help digestion
and increase
Weight loss and
beauty prevention and aging
Lower blood
pressure to
prevent stroke
5. The content of potassium in the fruit is extremely rich, and the amount of potassium per 100 grams of fresh fruit is about 100 mg. Modern medical studies have shown that potassium in maintaining cardiac function, participate in the effect of metabolism and lower blood pressure and so on, also helps regulate emotion, stable mood, reduce the incidence of stroke. Therefore, it has the function of regulating blood lipid, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, preventing stroke and
so on.
6. Yang mei contains vitamin C, vitamin B and retinol, which has a positive effect on cancer prevention. It contains vitamin B17, a cancer-fighting substance that also inhibits cancer cells, including cyanogen and fatty oils.
7. fruit arbutus potassium content is very high, and contains trace amounts of Yang mei, Yang mei directly ACTS on the kidneys can be excited heart, indirect play a powerful diuretic effect, in addition, there is resistance to vascular osmosis. Therefore, it is beneficial to the renal diuretic dehumidification, and also has the adjuvant treatment effect on rheumatic diseases such as arthritis.
Kidney diuretic
Drink the original wine directly
Serve chilled/chilled
with ice
Drink with Sprite, cola and other drinks
Mix it with other wine or drinks
Dingli group Nanjing Xiu platinum liquor industry Co., Ltd., the production base of Sau Mei Lingxiang series wine, is located in the West furnace bayberry base of Xianju County, Zhejiang province. It is the country of the famous bayberry. The production base is a provincial key agricultural leading enterprise specializing in the development and utilization of Chinese characteristic fruit and bayberry, which integrates scientific research, planting, processing and marketing. It is also the key leading enterprise of provincial forestry, provincial leading enterprises, provincial agricultural science and technology enterprises, Zhejiang food leading enterprises and Taizhou city. Excellent agricultural leading enterprises are one of the largest scale enterprises in Zhejiang province. In 2011, it was appraised as the unit of "keeping contract heavy credit" in Zhejiang province and commerce business enterprise. In 2012, it was appraised as the AA grade of Zhejiang province and commerce enterprise credit "Shou contract heavy credit" unit.

The production base covers an area of 30 mu, with an annual capacity of 20 thousand tons. At present, there are nearly 100 employees and enjoy social security in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state. The product has been designated by the Taizhou people's government as a government reception drink, at the "six summit" in Shanghai to serve as the drinks of the heads of state, in the Beijing world landmark conference designated as the designated drinks. The bayberry juice of the base was also lucky to participate in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. As a designated drink, it was sold at the banquet hall of the Shanghai Expo Center and the designated reception hotel.
The production base
has been successively obtained:
Key leading enterprises of forestry at provincial level
Provincial Agricultural Science and technology enterprises
Provincial poverty alleviation leading enterprises
Provincial key agricultural leading enterprises
Zhejiang food (juice drink) leading enterprise
The title of the outstanding agricultural leading enterprises in Taizhou
The base products of the base
have been evaluated as follows:
Famous brand agricultural products in Zhejiang
Famous brand products in Taizhou
The fourth China Agricultural Science and Technology Expo
Gold medal of the Third International Food Expo in Guangzhou
Bronze medal in London 2005 International Wine Conference
Gold medal of fine fruit in Zhejiang
From 2004 to the present,
11 consecutive years won the Gold Award, quality award and quality product gold medal of Zhejiang agricultural exposition.
Gold Award for the second China (Wenzhou) characteristic agriculture Expo 2006
2007 silver medal of China International Forestry Industry Expo
2008 China Yiwu (International) Forest Products Fair Gold Medal
Three consecutive sessions of consumer confidence in Xianju county units and products
Famous food and other honors in the Yangtze River Delta region

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